Wednesday, April 4, 2012

glimpses from the week 3-26-4/1.

1. I made lemon garlic chicken for din din.   2. My Zara shipment arrived - goody goody gumdrop!   3. Our first time running together.   4. Super metabolism boost - green tea, mint & tangerine.   5. Celebrating my nephew's 10th birthday at Mikuni's.  He loves him some sushi.   6.  Do I feel lucky? Well, do ya, punk?  haha.  Lotto was up to 640 million so we had to try our luck, and of course, we did not win. Damn.   7. Fresh blackberry tea.   8. Rub my belly!  Mieka lives for her belly to be rubbed.  She will roll over on her back, throw up her paws and give you the sweetest little face in hopes for a rub.   9. Pork! The other white meat. Mmmmm, carnitas.   10. It was a tough game, but still a win.  3-2 and oh so pretty in pink.   11. I've died and gone to oreo heaven.   12. A sexy lamp I saw at dinner on Sunday night. Meow.

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  1. Thoughts:

    2. Are we going to get to see what you got from Zara? (I've never ordered anything from there)
    3. Love working out with my man!
    8. She's makin' ME wanna rub her belly! :o)
    11. I would have eaten allll of them!