Friday, November 30, 2012

26.2 Miles of Agony & Utter Bliss

Yes, I am still running CIM… RAIN OR SHINE, through WIND AND HAIL.  
The forecast for this Sunday is heavy rain and wind.  I have never run in these types of conditions before, but my boss and co-workers have given me some great advice and suggestions to help me prepare.   
This will be my second year running the California International Marathon, and hopefully not my last.  I feel just as excited and anxious for this marathon as I did last year.  Unfortunately, this year I injured my right hip, glute and hamstring.  It has been extremely difficult to continue training while injured.  Forcing yourself to rest and cut down your miles is frustrating and disappointing, but I have learned a lot during this experience -  when to push through the pain and when to rest, when to stretch and when to ice.  I feel confident in myself and my abilities.  I am ready to run.  I am ready to take this storm on!

I truly fell in love with running 4 years ago and I can’t imagine ever stopping.