Monday, April 25, 2011

new stilts

{top to bottom: aldo, jessica simpson, sole society, aldo}

hawaii vacay 2011.

finally posting some of my favorite pictures from our hawaii trip.

waikiki beach
march 30 - april 4

and we're off. i hate flying so the 3 double bloody mary's were necesary.

IMG_5243 b

IMG_5252 b

IMG_5260 b

RumFire was a favorite spot for happy hour and lunch. conveniently located in our hotel and right next to the water.

phone 1 b

IMG_5266 b


IMG_5273 b

IMG_5276 b

IMG_5280 b

pool time
phone 2 b

uw 4

uw 5 b

booze cruise'n

IMG_5321 b

IMG_5330 b

IMG_5350 b

diamond head

IMG_5356 b

IMG_5396 b

north shore excursion

banzai pipeline

IMG_5426 b

botanical gardens

IMG_5463 b

IMG_5443 b

IMG_5459 b

IMG_5448 b

uw 3 b

IMG_5471 b

IMG_5470 b

boogie boarding

IMG_5476 b

after exposing myself to a mother and her two children, i decided to put a tank top on while hitting the waves.
IMG_5480 b

say hello to my lil friends

IMG_5493 b


IMG_5494 b

IMG_5496 b

IMG_5499 b

By far the most memorable experience of the trip was swimming with Flipper and his crew… 70+ dolphins (not in captivity)... AMAZING
IMG_5579 b

IMG_5637 b

IMG_5649 b

IMG_5655 b


IMG_5668 b

IMG_5675 b

IMG_5676 b

uw 4 b

IMG_5696 b

yep, that's the black pearl. this ship was used as the black pearl in pirates of the caribbean II, III and IV (which will be released in May 2011).



IMG_5714 b

IMG_5732 b

IMG_5750 b

IMG_5752 b


IMG_5762 b

IMG_5764 b

sunset from our hotel room