Tuesday, April 17, 2012

glimpses from the week 4/9 - 4/15.

1. bath time   2. pitchers of beer after the boys indoor footy game   3. Mieka is always so happy to see me when I get home   4. while on an evening run   5. the girls taking care of me on a sick day   6. this beer smells and tastes like fruity pebbles   7. fried chicken @The Porch with Ryan and my Daddy   8. overtime on Saturday - no more binders 9. snack before a late supper with friends   10. Ryan scored me a goal - championship game win 5-0   11. watched sports and ate burgers at Barwest   12. Mieka in her pink basket   13. family bike ride - an evening favorite   14. a granny's hip ride in our neighborhood - reminds me of the stabbin' wagon from Ghost of Girlfriends Past

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