Wednesday, January 30, 2013

girls that brunch.

CUPCAKES!!!  i made cupcakes for our girls' brunch to celebrate a dear friend who recently got engaged.  it was my first time making these cupcakes so i was a little nervous, but they turned out cute.

yellow cake, strawberry cake heart, strawberry butter cream frosting

little engagement gift i put together: her first bridal magazine The Knot, wooden letter "T" for her new last name and a notebook to jot down wedding notes, ideas and dreams

brunch at hook & ladder

i got the burger with a fried egg, of course.  nom!
ta-dahhh a heart in the middle of the cupcake

the girls.

the lovely bride-to-be

so honored to be a bridesmaid
"i can't say I DO without you! will you be my bridesmaid??"


  1. Those cupcakes are SO cute! (was that a Pinterest idea?) I was wondering how they would turn out when I saw the pic on Instagram. That's so cute! And a BIG congrats to Cheryl! Very exciting!

  2. What a gorgeous shower! Love the heart in the middle cupcake idea!