Monday, July 23, 2012

glimpses from the week 7/16 - 7/22.

1. new underwater case for the G12... it's huge.  2. love-hate relationship with ikea.  i always end up with extra bolts?!?  3. tea time.  earl gray bravo.  4. sienna playing around in the laundry.  how could you not love that face.

5.  bright laces   6. caramel apple butter from apple hill.  great on toast with some bananas.  7. lunch date with my girlfriend... talking about the "ryans" and stuffing our faces.   8. i made a little umbrella wreath for our pool parties. super easy and very cute.

9. date night at pronto's.  i was so in the mood for italian.  10. made mac n' cheese muffins for our bbq/pool party. everyone loved them. will definitely make again, but will add some bacon next time!  11. homemade misting system courtesy of ryan. brilliant.  12. bacon and butter - great brunch spot. had the blueberry pancakes and biscuits and gravy... delish! 

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