Friday, June 15, 2012

glimpses from the week 6.4 - 6.10.

1. back in NJ for work.  they gave my last room away so i'm in this one for the duration of the trial. great orange couch.   2. aunt tina's pizza from the hotel restaurant.   3. chess anyone?!  checkmate. hanging in the lounge.  4. i'm definitely going to need to work off this salad... bacon!!!   5. view from the treadmill... sweat is just fat crying! the hotel gym is keeping me sane.   6. missing my niece and nephew. thankfully my mama sends me photos all the time.   7. spanish coffee - perfect combination of coffee & alcohol. amazing dinner and evening with my bosses and co-counsel at Spanish Tavern in NJ.  i also had the paella valenciana, banana cheesecake and of course, good wine.   8. jumping on the bed cause i wanna.   9. breakfast spot.  love looking out at NY.  so close, but so far away. still hoping to make it there before i return to cali.   10. sliders and beers with one of my bosses. hilarious night. long story, short - a bottle of tarter sauce exploded all over me from head to toe. ruined my jcrew sweater, but worth all the laughs.   10. i finally got some pancakes.  honey cinnamon.   11. shopping for the war room again.  working hard for the money.

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