Wednesday, June 6, 2012

glimpses from the week 5.28-6.3.

1. mimosas and pool time with friends on memorial day   2. packing again - hate it   3. left denver an hour late due to bad weather in newark, but i really didn't mind because I had my own little tv on the plane. finally watched the vow and two other new releases.  luv united economy plus... thanks boss.   4. after circling newark in the air, for what seemed like hours, we were sent to cleveland until the backup at newark was resolved. goodbye cleveland   5. my cute hotel room   6. the war room at a quiet moment   7. nummy nummy! lunch at the hotel restaurant   8. new jersey district court - trial   9. traveling back to cali for the weekend. no delays on the return which was great, but flying on a super small plane from SF to sac freaked me out.  yep, my eyes watered up during takeoff.  almost had a panic attack   10. off the plane and straight to sushi with dids   11. awww he really did miss me   12. at a vineyard in pleasanton for kristin's wedding    13. on our drive to the vineyard   14. women's fitness festival with the girls and lil hunter.  such a fun event   15. breakfast after the run   16. had a little scare on sunday after the run.  very grateful for the ER docs and nurses, but hate being at the hospital... my ryan is ok.  

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  1. Look at you still posting while you're away :o)

    I'm glad everything turned out OK with Ryan. What happened anyway?

    Hope NJ is treating you nice!