Wednesday, May 16, 2012

glimpses of the week 5/7 - 5/13.

1. filled up my scooter for the first time.  woot woot $4.12!   2. zippers everywhere.  new work dress.   3. off to work I go.   4. @the movies.  went to see Avengers last Wednesday.  it was a nice way to break up the week.  the movie definitely did not disappoint.  hulk SMASH!  i can't wait to see it again.   5. donated blood at Ryan's company's annual blood drive.   6. ended up donating blood at the same time as a few of our friends (Super + Sully). i was in tears from laughing so hard. one minute i'm laughing and then next i feel faint.  haha.  i blame the boys.   7. take out from 33rd bistro.   8. relaxing after a long day at work. drinks always taste more fabulous when in a mason jar.   9. mieka and i had a difficult time making it to bed one night.  crashed on the couch.   10. after a full day of eating healthy... this happens.  ice cream from leatherby's. and yes, i ate the whole thing myself.   11. went to a birthday party on Saturday.  cookie monster cupcakes were adorable.    12. such a lovely day at the lake.   13. seafood cobb at the porch.   14. mother's day ring arrived.   15. homemade card for my mom. i love being crafty.   16. lunch celebrating my mom. cheers.  xx

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