Friday, May 25, 2012

glimpses from the week 5/14 - 5/20.

1. yes, this is how i eat bell peppers.   2. i even go to the store on my scooter.   3. fresh ingredients make all the difference.   4. pasta salad for dinner.   5. those eyes.   6. a lil frill on my pencil skirt.  new skirt from zara.   7. salad date with my jovy at crepeville.   8. spent saturday morning and afternoon doing yard work. luv it!   9. felt like a fishy.  logged in a few hours of swimming.   10. looks like it's sienna's nap time.  passing out on the soccer ball.   11. date night at tuli with dids.   12. while on one of my runs this past sunday i saw these amazing shadows caused by the eclipse.   13. tacos and my new pink&orange serving tray.   14. currently obsessed with an all-purpose cleaner. lime+sea salt.  i can't stop cleaning.

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