Thursday, February 2, 2012

tie thursday.

Yep, I decided to rock a tie to work today.  Hehee. 

{shirt: banana republic//tie: my bf's//skirt: banana republic//heels:jessica simpson}

 Hope y'all had a great day.  xx


  1. I wrote a comment then it disappeared! So sorry if you get this twice for some reason...

    You are SO stinkin' cute! I'm so in love with this look & so proud (& totally not surprised) that you rocked it at work. I hope those attorneys took some notes on how to make a tie look GOOD! I really like those shoes too. I don't have any of hers..I need some Jessica Simpson in my life! I need some pencil skirts too - that one is cute. That's it! I'm hittin' the BR outlet this weekend!! xoxo

  2. Fantastic look, I have been wanting to wear a shirt and tie to the office for ages. Because it is not the done thing, it makes it more enticing, but I haven't had the confidence. Well done you, totally pulled that off!