Monday, February 27, 2012

glimpses from the week 2/20 - 2/26.

1. combo of meat, seafood, veggies & hong kong style noodles   2. my mama made me cupcakes   3. roma's pizza - pizza should be a food group   4. lunch date with Dids at our favorite thai restaurant   5. fried egg burger   6. concert - g love & special sauce   7. we've been enjoying gorgeous weather lately   8. cheese skirt from squeeze inn   9. who doesn't love a huge chain necklace?!  i'm in love with my new necklace   10.  made a guitar cake for my bestie's son's 1st birthday


  1. You ate well last week! These are all making me huuuungry! And I'm super jelly of that palm tree pic as I'm watching it snow ova here...

  2. Seriously, get in my belly!! I'm going to have to run 40 miles this week to make up for all the food I ate. hehee. :D p.s. we are enjoying rain today... sunshine has left us :/

  3. Oh my - these pics make me want a hamburger AND cupcake for breakfast :)

    The Other Side of Gray