Monday, November 7, 2011

sunday funday.

Lazy morning with the pooches.  Instead of a 5 mile run, I slept in and it felt amazing.  Ohhh how I love to sleep.  Mieka, Sienna and Ry weren't complaining.
Look at the schnoz on Sienna.  She must take after Ry's side of the family.

I'm normally a tea kind of gal, but I've recently been introduced to the world of caramel and chocolate creamers.  Sunday morning cup o' joe.

Yeeeee.  I'm super excited!!!  After a lazy start and 5 cups o' joe, we went couch shopping.  I fell in love with this beautiful mustard couch, but it's just not practical for our space.  We're on the hunt for the perfect sectional, and I think we found it.  I seriously thought hell would freeze over before Ry and I found a couch we both love.  We don't exactly have the same taste in clothes, furniture OR music, which makes it difficult and time consuming when shopping together.

Here are some potential fabric choices for the new couch.  We are hoping to decide and order in the next few weeks.

Soccer time.  5 Guys & Your Mom won 4-0.  Woot woot.  Always an entertaining game.

Sully was thrilled to be goalie on short notice.

Shaner the speed demon

Ry was on a breakaway...

Jay, Laith + Robbie taking it down

Ahhhh, what a great Sunday.  We spent the rest of the evening watching football and visiting with a good friend.

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