Thursday, September 1, 2011

can you dig it.

Ryan and I organized one of our best friend's birthday bash last weekend.  We celebrated Henry aka The Godfather turning the big 4-0... in style.   

The Lineup
8:30ish p.m. Red Lotus (back bar area reserved)
10:00ish p.m. River Rock Tap House
11:15ish p.m. M!x to Shake our Groove Thang and Get Down (booth and bottles)

70's wear, afro's and bitchin' disco outfits were in full swing

love playn' with make-up

the fellas

Ryan and I couldn't resist buying Hen his bday costume
"The King" is still livin'
all our fly ladies

me with the bday boy ♥ him
yeah, you can touch ma afro

gettin' ma groove on...

1 comment:

  1. I was wondering what all this was for...GREAT costumes! I love the makeup you did & that outfit is fabulous! Have a GREAT weekend pretty lady!!