Wednesday, March 2, 2011

wine tasting.

big thanks to my friend Doug for organizing a trip to Napa. 

IMG_4242 b
IMG_4243 b
i'm a show-off... hehee

IMG_4259 b
the group

IMG_4245 b
IMG_4264 b
IMG_4272 b
perfect weather.

IMG_4286 b
my partner in crime.

IMG_4299 b
IMG_4322 b

IMG_4323 b
IMG_4330 b
sharing secrets.

IMG_4360 b
IMG_4362 b
IMG_4365 b
IMG_4389 b
IMG_4396 b
IMG_4410 b
IMG_4405 b
IMG_4391 b
IMG_4446 b
bon bon

IMG_4451 b
IMG_4461 b
IMG_4462 b
this one is for you, tony.  $225/lb 

IMG_4465 b
IMG_4469 b
IMG_4471 b

IMG_4491 b
on the way home.

IMG_4509 b
awe shucks, he must really luv me... he bought me a slurpee

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  1. wow!!! You got some mad skills with that camera chicka!! Love them! xo