Tuesday, March 1, 2011


last week was filled with many simple pleasures/moments.

IMG_4058 b
fresh flowers are always lovely

IMG_4066 b
IMG_4079 b
a clean fluffy mieka

IMG_4083 b
yummy salad made by me

IMG_4204 b
balloons.  Ryan always knows how to turn a frown into a smile.  last friday was a gloomy, rainy, grey day that immediately turned to sunshine when I received these balloons.  it’s the little/simple/funny things a loved one does just to see you smile or, in my case, to see my big chompers. 

IMG_4225 b
ahhhh, love my new heels.  they deserved a night out on the town.

IMG_4232 b
enjoying sushi and saki

IMG_4233 b
and then.... and then.... drinks with good friends.

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