Thursday, April 4, 2013

images from march.

life according to my iphone & instagram.
rewarding day at the office - all smiles// juicing every day
birthday lunch for a special co-worker// prost!
green machine// mieka is now officially sienna's pillow #snuggles
small bites// gorgeous baby shower for a wonderful couple
baked tomatoes with parmesan cheese// a day in the woods paintballing
my little lover// chocolate & peanut butter croissants
banana split// black & tan
drinks before the show// g. love & special sauce
mieka working late at the office// dapper fellow
ginger root - ugly knobby thing// sienna has ryan's nose
banana oatmeal muffins// korean grill bbq with ryan and pops
hello spring// sprucing up the backyard
lovely fresh fruit// apple strudel pancakes for our hangover friends
biking on the trail// with the doggies
sienna was finally tired at mile 6// while ryan is away, vicki will paint play
purdy in pink// another project
the girls// piggin' out

deciding on the right shade// stripes & mustard
MRI saturday// simple pleasures, enjoying a huge pretzel

first house bbq of the year// easter brunch
olives and some bloody mary// relaxing with my lil girl

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