Monday, August 13, 2012

olympic withdrawals.

i was a bit obsessed with watching the olympics this year, and not just one particular event.  I enjoyed watching almost ALL of the events… except for maybe 2 or 3, which I will not identify. 

there were just so many truly amazing and inspiring athletes!!!  i can’t tell you how often i caught myself crying at the end of a race, a swim, a perfect spike, a dismount, a goal. 

of course, track and field was very exciting and interesting to me.  both, the men’s and women’s olympic marathons, blew me away!  the men’s winning time 2:08:01 and the women’s winning time at 2:23:07.  obviously, i will never get even remotely close to those times, but just watching them has motivated me even more to beating my marathon PR in december.  i'm hoping to improve my PR by 25 minutes. 

my mileage for the week
week four
21 miles/4 days
core strength training/2 days

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