Monday, April 25, 2011

hawaii vacay 2011.

finally posting some of my favorite pictures from our hawaii trip.

waikiki beach
march 30 - april 4

and we're off. i hate flying so the 3 double bloody mary's were necesary.

IMG_5243 b

IMG_5252 b

IMG_5260 b

RumFire was a favorite spot for happy hour and lunch. conveniently located in our hotel and right next to the water.

phone 1 b

IMG_5266 b


IMG_5273 b

IMG_5276 b

IMG_5280 b

pool time
phone 2 b

uw 4

uw 5 b

booze cruise'n

IMG_5321 b

IMG_5330 b

IMG_5350 b

diamond head

IMG_5356 b

IMG_5396 b

north shore excursion

banzai pipeline

IMG_5426 b

botanical gardens

IMG_5463 b

IMG_5443 b

IMG_5459 b

IMG_5448 b

uw 3 b

IMG_5471 b

IMG_5470 b

boogie boarding

IMG_5476 b

after exposing myself to a mother and her two children, i decided to put a tank top on while hitting the waves.
IMG_5480 b

say hello to my lil friends

IMG_5493 b


IMG_5494 b

IMG_5496 b

IMG_5499 b

By far the most memorable experience of the trip was swimming with Flipper and his crew… 70+ dolphins (not in captivity)... AMAZING
IMG_5579 b

IMG_5637 b

IMG_5649 b

IMG_5655 b


IMG_5668 b

IMG_5675 b

IMG_5676 b

uw 4 b

IMG_5696 b

yep, that's the black pearl. this ship was used as the black pearl in pirates of the caribbean II, III and IV (which will be released in May 2011).



IMG_5714 b

IMG_5732 b

IMG_5750 b

IMG_5752 b


IMG_5762 b

IMG_5764 b

sunset from our hotel room



  1. Vicki, those are fantastic pictures!!! Thank you for sharing them, and I'm so glad you and Ryan obviously had an amazing time!!

  2. That looks amazing! We are going this Summer! Can't wait!