Tuesday, January 4, 2011

some current goals

1.  tackle my overflowing closet
2.  read more and not just magazines/blogs
3.  brush Mieka’s teeth at least 2x a week
4.  spend more time planning menus
      and preparing shopping lists
5.  consume vitamins on a daily basis
6.  create a realistic budget
7.  perfect my cupcake baking skills


  1. Sooo when you get around to cleaning out that closet of yours...I'd probably be willing to take some things off your hands! Let me know..seriously :o)

  2. hehee, will do Jen! i really need to downsize, but i still can't let go of my button-up jean shirt that i purchased in 8th grade. good lawd, i need help me.

  3. Bwahaha...button up jean shirt! You're killin me! If you seriously have that, you MUST rock it for the blog. xo